Networking & Cyber Security Architecture: Our experts have designed and managed network and security architectures for large companies in many sectors (financial, healthcare, education and utility). Let us help evaluate your current architecture and build a roadmap for implementing improvements to increase the protection and manageability of your critical infrastructure.

Software-Defined WAN Design & Implementation: New technologies are making WAN management easier, cheaper and more scalable than ever before.  Instead of paying for bandwidth over expensive private circuits, we can help you leverage cheaper Internet connectivity with intelligent SDWAN solutions and ensure your WAN continues to provide the performance you need.

Industrial Control System / SCADA Security Solutions: We have designed and implemented security solutions around ICS and SCADA systems for electric (transmission/distribution/generation), gas and water utilities.  Not only focused on reliability and security, our designs make compliance reporting easier by implementing security segmentation and controls that are easily understood by auditors. 

NERC CIP Security Architecture / Cyber Vulnerability Assessments: We take a very focused approach to CVAs, specifically auditing against NERC CIP regulatory requirements. We also perform detailed security assessments outside of the NERC CIP framework that can be delivered as a separate engagement.

Network Automation Professional Services: We have implemented network automation tools in large financial, gas distribution and electric transmission / distribution environments (NERC CIP) to make device management easier and to automate compliance reporting.  Build an automated operations run book that allows your help desk and operations staff to implement network and firewall changes safely while freeing up your network staff to perform more critical tasks.

Splunk Custom Dashboards and Applications:  Have a specific problem you are looking to solve, or need to get a deeper view into the operations of your critical systems?  We can build customized dashboards and applications to help you quickly visualize, track and alert based on key data specific to your environment.  Automation of compliance reports, detection of misconfigured equipment and notifications for anomalous traffic patterns are all possible by Splunking the data.

Risk Assessments:  As your business is pushing for more external connectivity (Internet-connected building management systems, remote support services from critical manufacturers, remote access to systems for your internal engineering teams, etc.), you need to develop a better understanding of the risks that come with this exposure.  Our experts can help you quantify the risk to your company and make better decisions about how to secure your infrastructure and data.

Request for Proposals Guidance – As a professional services organization, we are in a position to help you create vendor-agnostic RFPs and ensure they are accurate and complete.